Our Policies

All Stamps Sent Subject to Your Approval - Prior to Payment

  • We want to help you select the right stamp as easily as possible.

    You may request a scan of any item over $10.00 before you order

    If you order a stamp, and don't like it, just return it to me right away. You don't need a reason (although we hope you tell us so we can help you better in the future!)


Payments can be made in US dollar personal or bank checks drawn on a US office of any major bank. If this is not convenient, we accept most foreign currency as payment provided your currency is more or less stable (no worse than the US$)
Prompt payment is expected once you have received and examined the stamps.
If you are not 100% satisfied, just return the stamps (if you believe your country's mail is insecure, please advise and use Registered Mail)

In most cases, our prices include regular or Airmail postage to any address in the world. The following exceptions apply:

  1. If you require Registration or Insurance because you believe the mail in your area is insecure, you should add $5.00 to cover the cost of Registration. Insurance available upon request at your expense.
  2. "Heavy Lots." If you are buying cover lots, a collection in an album, or other heavy material, and you are outside the United States, you will have to pay the cost of Airmail which is over and above $1.00 (this amount generally covers the Airmail postage for a set of stamps.) We will cover all postage costs within the U.S. regardless of the weight - within the quoted price.

To order, just email your snail mail address to alan@stampview.com.
Your email address must appear as part of your order.

On first time orders over US$100.00, please include your telephone number.
A confirm of your will be sent by E-mail, usually within 24 hours.


Secure Credit Card Payments via paypal.com!

We have been searching for quite some time for a way in which we can accept credit card payments. Initially, many of the companies that process credit card payments were looking for significant monthly or up-front charges that we really could not afford.

Now, we are working with a company called paypal.com that allows anyone to accept credit card payments at no cost.

In order to pay us using paypal, you just need to register with them.

As a benefit of registering, you will recieve a $10.00 credit good to pay anyone else using paypal. Also, you can become part of the referral plan -- where both yo and the person you refer both get a $10.00 credit.

If you would like to register for paypal, just read the section below and click on the link to register.

Please note: At this time, paypal works only for credit card holders who have a billing address inside of the Untied States. Hopefully, they will be able to offer a similar service to residents of other countries as well.


Did you know you can email money with PayPal.com?

PayPal.com is a completely free service that lets users Beam
Money to anyone with an email address. Use PayPal.com to
settle restaurant tabs with colleagues, pay friends for movie
tickets, or buy a baseball card at an online auction - all
with the click of a mouse! PayPal charges the money to an
existing credit card or bank account. It's faster, safer and
easier than mailing a personal check.

As soon as you sign up and register your credit card,
PayPal.com will automatically send you $10! I recently signed
up for PayPal and got my $10 bonus right away.

Signing up is quick, easy and you can download the money to
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After you sign up, you'll get an email like this to send to
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