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Announcing our 2009 Holiday Event


CitiAlum Holiday Party, Tuesday December 1
Come see old friends and make new ones at the annual NYC CitiAlum holiday party on Tuesday, December 1.

We’ll be celebrating in the private dining room at the Peking Duck house, 236 East 53rd Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues.)

Cash bar opens at 5:30, four course buffet dinner starts at 6:30.
Dinner $30. Please bring cash. Because there is no charge for the room the restaurant requires that everyone attending pay for the dinner.

Please RSVP to Libby Dubick at


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Westchester Networking Event

Date: Thursday, May 19th

A Great Success --

Thanks to Marcia Assor and Janet Asteroff for coordinating this event !

Photos below courtesy Janet Asteroff:

Alan Anderson and Ed Gillespie

Alan Anderson, Matt Kissner and Marcia Chithelen

Deep in Convesation

And a Good Time Was Had by All !

Deidre Fletcher and Marcia Assor

Dominick Cortellessa Discussing the Joys of Retirement

Dominick Cortellessa and Marcia Assor

Matt Kissner, Marcia Chithelen, and Alan Anderson

Group Shot at the Bar

(Lyn Ramsay at left; Jane Washburn at right)

Kathy Worthington and Lyn Ramsay


CitiAlum dinner Calendar for 2005

Monday, December 5

At the Maple Garden Duck House - East 53rd Street, NYC

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Frank R Loscalzo

Jerome M Federlein



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