Canada #245 - 1 Dollar Chateau de Remezey issue of 1938 - Mint Never Hinged


We always like older, high value stamps in nice condition. This one is a real nice example of a stamp which sold for "serious money" at the Post Office back when it was issued. This chateau is located in Montreal, which, after San Francisco, is probably the second most beautiful city in North America (I'm ready for your complaints!). Anyway -- I've been to Montreal at least 10 times, but I don't remember ever seeing this chateau. Is it still there? If it is -- anyone who can tell me where to find it -- let me know -- and I'll go look at it "sur le voyage prochaine!"

By the way, you don't have to know how to find the chateau to buy the stamp!

The 1998 Scott price for a never hinged stamp is $92.50. We are asking just $64.00.

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